work with bo

you and i are simply two fractal expressions of a boundless being.

i work with the energy of our shared being, as it flows uniquely through you.

i can

hold a space where you can safely take risks, even if just for yourself;

challenge you, with your consent;

reflect with you in conversation;

guide you in movement or breathing;

support your vocal and bodily expression;

help surface your body and emotional awareness;

offer therapeutic touch with your consent;

and encourage moments of stillness through which your intuition can flow.

i can’t and won’t

fix or heal you.

you are already whole, and there’s nothing to fix—only a world within you that’s longing to reconnect with itself.

i simply help you strengthen the pathways home to your wholeness, so that you can experience life more often from that place already in you.

expect these risks on the path home to yourself:

examining old patterns that are running as if they are still true, while uncovering what is no longer true for you;

allowing and experiencing the furious, soft, desperate, truthful, slow, brash, and whatever else might be difficult and true in you;

identifying with your authentic power, vulnerability, grief, pleasure, longing, fullness, rage, love, courage, trust, intuition, curiosity, and all the seeming opposites that make you fully you;

and letting your life force express itself as your life path.

ok, enough with the lowercase poetics!

I’m not a poet.

Nor am I a licensed therapist. I cannot accept insurance.

The Group docuseries offers a sense of what core energetics can look like. Just note that there is often more slowness and ease than what you might see in short videos. Not every session, situation, or client needs explosive expression. Expression is simply supportive of our goal to gently integrate experiences, feelings, or realizations that have been rejected or blocked within you.

I can hold sessions virtually or in person in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, one block from the 40 bus line and a few blocks from Salmon Bay Park. The location is not wheelchair accessible.

I’m still in supervision with the Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy and am not yet fully certified as a core energetics practitioner. During this early training period, my maximum rate is $40 per one-hour, one-on-one session, on a sliding scale range to be worked out with each client. My maximum will increase as my experience does, while your rate will continue to reflect what feels right for you.

While the focus of my training is on individual client work, my intention is to eventually be available to facilitate group processes, to support people in the wholeness of community. During my training period, I’m open to exploring co-facilitating small group processes alongside a certified practitioner, or offering introductory group workshops.

contact me

Please email bo[at]bramble[dot]life to schedule a time to discuss whether we are a good fit for working together. I don’t charge for this first call.

To confirm time compatibility, you can look at my scheduler for generally available session times. Note that our first call will be scheduled outside of these times, so please email and do not use the scheduler for our first call.

Thank you!