let our bodies and souls speak!

hi there, fellow creature.

how do you move through the world?

does it sometimes feel like this?

our world needs your colors in it.

when we defend ourselves from the world, the world misses out on the fullness of us, too.

we do this by blocking our own life force energy.

this blocked energy can fester within us.

like water behind a dam, it becomes more destructive over time.

we begin to fear our true selves.

meanwhile, on the outside, we find ourselves stuck in patterns—not speaking, not being seen, not showing up, not asking, not knowing what we want, not knowing ourselves, not resting, not trusting, not letting go, not the sacred being that we know is in us but can’t quite maintain contact with….

core energetics is an integrated approach.

in partnership with our ever-unfolding bodies, emotions, thoughts, will, and spirit,

we can witness and express our fullest and truest selves,

even just for a moment.

this is how we can unblock our energy, safely and slowly,

opening up more choices in how we move through the world.

we and the world are not separate.

when we dam up ourselves, we dam up the world.

when we remove these dams, whole ecosystems can come back to life.

the world needs you as you are. fully.